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DRS Website

It's all starts here!  When can you afford to retire?  All the details you need to know an

It's all starts here!  When can you afford to retire?  All the details you need to know and calculators to determine the numbers are here on the DRS website.

Washington state council of FFF's


Washington State Council of Firefighters!  Your union hard at work!  See this site for Retirement Educational videos and all your other union needs.

LEOFF II handbook


Go Directly to the LEOFF II handbook with this link. 

Social Security Windfall elimination


Are you eligible for social security?  How much will the Windfall Elimination Provision effect your check?  Find out the impact Social Security will have on your retirement by signing up and signing in to their website! 

LEOFF Board website


  All your LEOFF board news and education plus excellent videos on The Windfall Elimination Provision, Purchasing Service Credits/Annuity, how the LEOFF 2 plan stacks up to other plans across the country and others.